Albert Martinez (drums, vocals)

Albert is a native of Ennis, Texas. He inherited his musical “blood” from his father, an accordion player, and his mother’s dad, a violinist and banjo player. Albert at first wanted to be a guitar player, but soon realized his real love was drums and bought his first set when he was 14. He played with several bands in high school, and after graduating, formed the country band, “Buckshot”. The band played in the DFW area and even opened for several artists such as Boxcar Willie, Claude Grey, and Johnnie Duncan. In the late 80’s, Albert recorded an album produced by John Nitzinger, with the rock band “Sudden Pressure”. In 1992, a reorganization brought about the blues/rock band, “The Cadillax”. Albert played with Trey Glaspy in this band throughout the 90’s until forming The Pontiax in 2005

Trey Glaspy (bass, vocals)

Though born in Lubbock, Texas, Trey spent most all of his formidable years in the Ennis, Texas area. He began in music at age 6 with piano lessons. This training gave him an edge when he picked up the bass in high school and worked with several bands. He later discovered his love for the “blues” and began playing with the band called “The Blues Busters”. While playing with this band at a show, he first met Albert Martinez who was playing with another band at the same show. The two kept contact and Trey later became the sound engineer for Martinez’s band. Trey later took over as the bass player and they reformed the group into the band, “The Cadillax”. Trey has been with The Pontiax since 2005 and contributes to their sound with his full flowing style.

Michael Self (guitars, harmonica, sax, vocals)

Michael is originally from El Paso, Texas where he also had a musical family background. Starting out playing in clubs while still in high school, Mike learned the gritty side of the business early. He moved to Dallas in the 80’s to pursue playing music professionally. Some of his credits from this time include playing and recording an album with the pop/rock band, “ReAckShun” in 1984. In 1987, he hooked up with the band “Inasense” in which he toured the western U.S. and Canada. He played in the country band “Perfect Stranger” starting in 1989 and toured Canada again in 1990. In the mid 90’s he worked with the band, “Loaded Guns” in which he recorded an album that received regional acclaim. Other bands dot the map of his career, but his current band, The Pontiax, has all of his interest. In this band, Mike can use his utility skills more because of the vocal and instrumental capability of the other players.

Tyler Neufeldt (keyboards, vocals)

Tyler is originally from Canada.  He began playing the piano at the age 5.  When Tyler turned 19, he moved to New York to work in a recording studio. There, he wrote and recorded arrangements for many singers of all music types as well as produced several bands and commercial jingles. Since then, he has performed with several other bands including his last group, Echo Echo. Tyler likes to spread his music prowess around. In addition to providing vocals and keyboards for The Pontiax, he plays piano for his church. Tyler’s technical, musical, and vocal capabilities have advanced The Pontiax allowing them to expand their repertoire. Tyler has been a great addition to the band!